Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary and the no-good, terrible, very bad day...

So in case you are wondering, not that you are...
My initial thoughts about the FBI statement about HRC are these:

  • According to any reasonable interpretation of statutes, Comey (a Republican, remember) is correct: she committed no crime.
  • I'm disappointed that she was not more forthcoming about things during the last year. There was no reason to be disingenuous or dishonest; she must have known what they would find.
  • I'm impressed that after digging so hard for 25 years the GOP finally found a "scandal" with at least *some* degree of sticking power. At the same time it doesn't surprise me a bit that they are not at all satisfied and are already "re-investigating" the thing.
  • I rather hope that, whenever the Democrats take the House back, they run an investigation into the incredible abuse of power and taxpayer dollars that this House has made doing these various "investigations" (excuse me: witch hunts).
  • I'm blown away by the fact that Trump could not even run with a small victory for a whole day, destroying it within hours by doubling down on his previous praise of Saddam Hussein.
  • I like Hillary. I always have. I think she is and has been the victim of concerted GOP smear campaigns since 1991 and that what even Democrats believe about her today results from the incredible effectiveness of these campaigns: repeat something often enough and it becomes "fact."
  • That being said, though, I have to admit that a very large part of me would like to see the Dems turn to Biden at the convention. A Biden/Warren ticket would energize the entire party and might possibly sweep all fifty states, taking back BOTH houses of Congress at the same time. Hillary, through "extreme carelessness" and through a quarter century of hate and misogyny, can't do that. It is impossible to argue with a Hillary hater: for them, it is a matter of faith. No evidence, no argument, NOTHING, is good enough. And here is the greatest proof of the truth of that statement: they are willing to allow Donald Trump to become President simply because they hate her so much. They have actually managed to talk themselves into believing that a self-centered, arrogant, racist, misogynist, impetuous, unpredictable blowhard with no core belief system whatsoever is better for this country than the woman who has been called, by people on both sides of the spectrum, possibly the most qualified person ever to seek the office of President.
  • That says it all. Some say they just won't vote, but they know that's a copout; they know sitting it out is a vote for Trump.
  • So, bottom line: I wish the FBI had completely exonerated her, as she has been exonerated in every other so-called "scandal." This time, it appears, she screwed up somewhat. Not to the David Petraeus level. Not to the George Bush level of destroying millions of emails before any investigation could be made (and let's face it: if she had something to hide and were really as twisted as the haters believe, she *would* have). But probably, being unused to *actually* having some blame in something she was accused of, she reacted badly.
  • Do I like this? No. It was a test and she failed it. But I ask myself how Trump would have handled it, and I know with certainty that no one would ever have gotten anywhere near that server while any emails still existed on it. And *whatever* he told his followers, they would simply accept it, and the sheepul at Fox News would move on, and that would be it. Hillary is running for President. Trump is running for Emperor. He's said it himself: he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and they'd still vote for him. HRC, on the other hand, couldn't get away with jaywalking...
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you lying there eyes closed
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