Thursday, March 6, 2008

to infinity and beyond (thanks, al)

So I was surfing around the web, reading opinions on the election, and I ran into one from Larry David, the creator of Seinfeld. In it, he opined that, if Obama really wants to counter the infamous "3 AM" commercial, he should run a montage of the many personalities (he called them "Sybillish") that Clinton has exhibited during the campaign with the tag line, "Does anyone want this nut answering the phone?"

I have to admit that, when I looked at the collage of images here (credited to, I laughed out loud. I mean, come on! Some of these photos are completely hilarious...and no pun at all is intended there. ;-) (Oh, think about it!)

My favorite line is the second from the top: priceless! She goes from exhausted to deathly serious to happy to I-don't-know-what to I-don't-even-want-to-know-what to how-wide-can-I-get-my-mouth-open to two versions of I-can-hold-this -overdone-smile-as-long-as-the-camera-is-on-me. It's perfect. I'm still laughing.

But I'm not writing to make fun of Hillary Clinton's ultra-expressive face; no, actually that's not a bad thing at all, just a stark contrast to Barack Obama's unflappable one. (His smile, though, when he gives it, is the most sincere and perfect one I think I've ever seen on a politician. But that's another story.) No, I just found the images fun, so I wanted to share.

That's the internet's most incredible joy: finding things that you want to share. I have this feature on my browser called "StumbleUpon" that takes me, when I click it, to completely random new sites (based on criteria I selected when I signed up for it). I've found many wonderful, interesting, unusual, even hypnotically beautiful places online that way. And I've found many outrageously funny sites as well. Some I might have found myself eventually; some, though I might never even have thought to look for. Just now I clicked it and ended up on a site called "Hunkin's Experiments" and learned, among other things, how to make a box of quicksand. (You never know when that sort of thing could come in handy!)

Here's another: I learned that the all-time winner for most mistakes in one movie is Apocalypse Now with 396 mistakes! Random sampling:

Captain Willard picks up one of the death cards that Lieutenant Kilgore threw on a dead body and it's the seven of hearts. This is not one of the cards that Kilgore threw down though. As he was naming each one as he threw it and Captain Willard was walking close behind him

Audio problem: Lance is singing while he's in the water with Chief Phillips' body and his lips do not match his vocalizing.

Continuity: As Captain Willard tries to get Chief Phillips to stop the men from firing he says, "They're just little sticks. They're just trying to scare us". Watch the Captain's left hand closely as his rifle becomes arrows between shots.

I love this stuff!

Anyway, the internet is full of small finds like these. And it is full of utterly joyous ones like this:

It's also a good way to keep in touch. I have re-established contact on Facebook with dozens of former students, some from over two decades ago. One, now a professor of biology at Butler University, messaged me to ask if I knew a young man whom she had seen in a college play. He had listed my town in his bio. Yep, he was one of mine. With the net, it really is a small world.

I spend a lot of time here, but I hesitate to say that I "waste" it. It's only a waste if nothing useful comes from it, and that simply is not the case. Too many people of my generation don't understand what there is out here in cyberspace. What I've found is pretty simple: out here there is infinity, and it's waiting to be discovered.


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it's your hair that i notice first
streaked with morning
it frames your face
you lying there eyes closed
soft breath not quite there
i follow its path as it bends the sheet
and i can touch you there
touch what i feel is you
in the spark of daylight
you'll rise
pull on the wrinkled shirt from last night
say something you think is beautiful
drink some coffee
from behind my paper
and drive away,
leaving a kiss on my lips
and a hole in my heart
where a fire ought to be

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